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Mesa Arizona Divorce Attorney John McKindles  

Mesa Arizona Business, Divorce and Real Estate Attorney

Mesa attorney John McKindles offers valuable experience in Arizona business law, divorce, commercial disputes, real estate transactions, probate, and estate planning and disputes.

When legal challenges threaten your personal or business affairs ... when the stakes are so high that solving your problems takes priority over nearly everything else in your life ... when your future depends on the wisdom and guidance of an experienced attorney ... you can place your confidence in the McKindles Law Firm.

Since 1980, Arizona families and business owners have counted on John McKindles and his staff for solid advice, aggressive representation, a caring attitude and responsive service in difficult and sensitive legal matters, including:


consider John McKindles to be one of the most compassionate and honorable men I have encountered in my life. He is prompt, courteous and thoughtful [and] demonstrates unquestionable integrity and insight.”

– Robert R. Evans



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Divorce  Frequently asked questions | Divorce involving business ownership | Arizona divorce principles in bankruptcy

Business and Real Estate  John McKindles represents business and property owners in transactions and disputes

Estates and Probate  Many Arizona families have relied on John McKindles in sorting out messy estates and ensuring that the intentions of deceased persons are honored through probate or trust administration

Testimonials Comments by clients and other attorneys about John McKindles: His character, legal skill, client service, and community leadership in Mesa and the Phoenix area