Business Disputes and Transactions

Businesses with Arizona interests rely on John McKindles' legal experience, strategic insight, and understanding their goals high-stakes commercial litigation.

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Making Your Business Litigation-Resistant  You may never completely insulate your business from all claims, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of litigation from third parties.

Operating Agreement: A Key to an Effective LLC  While the members are on good terms, spelling out the essentials of how the business will function can minimize costly legal issues when something goes wrong down the road

Business Ownership and Divorce  Property settlements involving business interests and increases in business value affect the business owner, the spouse of the business owner, and active co-owners.

Mind Your Own Business  Effective succession planning can preserve your business for the next generation of ownership and help ensure that your business and personal wealth will continue to be a source of value.

Tips for Testifying in Depositions and in Court  In giving your sworn testimony, whether in a lawyer's office or in a courtroom, observing some basic communication skills will reduce the risk of your spoken words getting you into trouble.

Differing Burdens of Proof in Contract Claims, Tort Claims  In a claim for breach of contract the plaintiff generally must justify its claims merely by a “preponderance of the evidence” – i.e., by showing that the claim against the defendant is more likely true than not.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Avvo Mesa AZ Business Attorney

An unresolved business dispute represents a threat to business profitability, a drain on financial resources and personal energy, and a major distraction from achieving business growth.

John McKindles is an aggressive litigator and trial lawyer on behalf of companies and business owners in commercial litigation and business disputes. In three decades of practicing law, he has gained experience in complex litigation and trial work related to:

  • breaches of contract and contract enforcement

  • specific performance

  • breaches of warranty

  • bad faith

  • fraud

  • liability

  • secured transactions and

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) matters.

If winning your business dispute requires the personal attention of a veteran litigator and trial lawyer, you can rely on John McKindles’ experience in commercial litigation.

Business and Commercial Transactions

As a seasoned business lawyer working with Arizona companies and business owners, attorney John McKindles offers extensive experience in all aspects of business and commercial transactions involving small and closely held companies, including:

  • negotiation and drafting of contracts and sales agreements,

  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A),

  • purchases and sales of companies and related commercial real estate,

  • leveraged buyouts,

  • succession planning, and

  • entity structuring.