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Mesa divorce attorney John McKindles brings to every family law matter the added value of his experience in business law, real estate law, bankruptcy, and tax law.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Arizona Divorce Answers to common questions about divorce, separation, health insurance, child custody, child support, alimony, business ownership and more

The Divorce Plan  You can improve your prospects for a just outcome by committing to the discipline of planning your divorce

Asset Distribution  The parties should try to agree that each spouse will receive certain community assets, preferably in such a way that the value of the assets that go to one spouse will be comparable to the value of the assets that go to the other

Business Ownership  Property settlements involving business interests and increases in business value affect the business owner, the spouse of the business owner, and active co-owners.

Debt Allocation  A dizzying array of statutory and factual issues can influence the determination of whether a debt is "separate" or "community"

Child Custody and Access  It pays, financially and emotionally, to have a well-structured plan for child access issues as an alternative to an enduring legal nightmare that benefits no one

Child Support  Unlike other, less clearly defined issues that must be resolved in a divorce, determining the child support obligation is a relatively objective process

Spousal Maintenance  An award of spousal maintenance (or "alimony") must pass a two-step test that is set forth in Arizona law

Awards of Attorney’s Fees  The awarding of attorney’s fees is so uncertain that the possibility of “free” representation should not be a factor in deciding whether to run up your legal bill.

Overview of Arizona Divorce Principles in Bankruptcy  Excerpts from John McKindles' legal memorandum, “Overview of Arizona Divorce Principles for Bankruptcy Practitioners”

Christians and Divorce  Christians who fear that ending their marriage would conflict with God’s will should consider the Scriptural recognition that some marital conditions are worse than divorce

Tips for Testifying in Depositions and in Court  In giving your sworn testimony, whether in a lawyer's office or in a courtroom, observing some basic communication skills will reduce the risk of your spoken words getting you into trouble.

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For many people, the end of their marriage is the most difficult, expensive and emotionally challenging legal matter they will ever experience.

In dealing with the painful legal issues associated with divorce, men and women in the Phoenix area and throughout Arizona have, since 1980, relied on Mesa divorce lawyer John McKindles' experience, skill, wisdom and thoughtful advice in achieving a just outcome, without needless and wasteful legal maneuvering.

Proven Divorce Expertise. As part of his family law practice, John McKindles assists clients with a broad range of complex legal matters associated with Arizona divorce, including:

  • marital dissolution (divorce),

  • prenuptial agreements,

  • legal separation,

  • child support,

  • child custody (or "legal decision-making"),

  • visitation,

  • spousal maintenance (alimony),

  • interstate custody, and

  • post-divorce decree issues.

Related Experience. Clients of Mesa divorce lawyer John McKindles benefit not only from his divorce-related experience, but also from his knowledge of other legal areas that must often be addressed in divorce, such as bankruptcy, business law, real estate law and taxation.

Understanding your rights, responsibilities and options is an important step in achieving your domestic relations objectives. To schedule a one-hour legal consultation with John McKindles, call his legal assistant, Willie Benefiel, at 480-964-9302.


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