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Financial Challenges

John McKindles has counseled hundreds of Arizonans regarding their pre-bankruptcy options for dealing with financial and property-related challenges. At right are links to articles written by Mr. McKindles that you may find useful in dealing with creditors and otherwise preparing to confront your sources of financial distress.

We help you get through the toughest times of your life.

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Arizona Anti-Deficiency Protection, Short Sales and Foreclosure  If a borrower enters into a short sale agreement but the lender does not agree to waive its right to pursue a deficiency resulting from the sale, the borrower has lost the anti-deficiency protection available in foreclosure.

Arizona Exemptions from Collection  State law provides statutory exemptions that protect certain types of assets from creditors and judgment creditors.

Bankruptcy Alternatives and Pre-Bankruptcy Planning  Not everyone who cannot pay their debts should file bankruptcy. Alternatives to bankruptcy may be more beneficial.

Dealing with Creditors  To help you create your own strategies for economic recovery, master your one-on-one tactics in dealing with a lender or creditor.

Debt Modification Strategies  If you are considering a loan modification (also known as "loan workout," "debt reformation" or "debt reconciliation") you generally must decide which is more important to you: maintaining your good credit rating or re-working your debt.

Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure in Arizona  An Arizona borrower considering a deed in lieu of foreclosure should review all documentation associated with the loan and the lender’s offer and consider the legal concepts at work.

Fraudulent Conveyance 101  Transferring assets to a third party for safe keeping can have consequences that are far more serious than the financial stress that prompted the transfer in the first place.

Secured Assets: Debt Negotiation and Judgment Protection  One of your main objectives before trying to negotiate a loan modification is to make yourself judgment-proof.

Uncle Sam: Your Worst Creditor  Unlike all other creditors, federal and state tax authorities can assess penalties on top of the interest that accrues on overdue amounts.



Understanding your rights, responsibilities and options is an important step in overcoming your financial challenges. To schedule a comprehensive one-hour legal consultation with John McKindles, call his legal assistant, Willie Benefiel, at 480-964-9302.

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